HAE Explosive Mitigation Bag (EMB)

As of November 28, 2009, Part 121 Operators will be required to have a Least Risk Bomb Location (LRBL) per CFR Title 14 121.295. Unfortunately there's no area on the aircraft that was designed to sustain an explosive charge. So no matter where the explosive device is located, an explosion will be lethal and potentially catastrophic. Hedding Aerospace Engineering's (HAE) Explosive Mitigation Bag (EMB) was developed to provide a means of protection against a lethal explosive or incendiary device.

The HAE Explosive Mitigation Bag (EMB) is a collapsible explosive container that mitigates the explosive blast and captures lethal fragments saving the aircraft and lives. The EMB provides protection by:

  • Mitigating the blast impulses and over pressures that are highly destructive to the aircraft structure and human lives.
  • Rapidly quenches the blast's fireball and suppresses post-blast fires with a special lining.
  • Protects against lethal fragments by absorbing the fragment's energy and capturing the fragment in the bag's weave.
The EMB is a light weight 47 lb bag style container that will fit the largest carry-on with a maximum dimensions of 12" x 18" x 26". The EMB collapses down to a flat 5" x 28" x 42" rectangle, so that it can be stowed behind the aft seat row, in a coat closet, or secured to a galley wall or partition. The EMB consists of a Bag and a Wrap that are secured together by hook and loop strips.

The bag has wide opening for quick placement of the largest carry-on. Once the explosive device is placed in the bag the wrap is quickly latched around the bag. The EMB can now be dragged down the isle to the LRBL by one person, or carried by two people using the handles on the ends. The whole time providing protection to the passengers and aircraft in the event that the explosive goes off prior to reaching the LRBL.

If the explosive device is too dangerous to move, the Wrap can be quickly separated from the Bag and placed over the explosive. This helps protect the passengers and aircraft against lethal fragments and a direct blast. In addition the Wrap is made from a ballistic material and can be used to provide some ballistic protection.